About Us

Since 1984, JNS HEATING SERVICE has been one of Long Island's premiere full service heating companies. We've worked hard to establish a reputation second to none for high quality work and outstanding customer service.

At JNS, we are driven by an uncompromising devotion to total customer satisfaction. Our staff is dedicated to consistently delivering installations, repairs and service of the highest caliber at a reasonable price.

A professional, reliable company, JNS can handle all of your industrial, commercial and institutional needs. Each job is monitored by our staff of highly trained indviduals. Our work has received trade recognition for quality by many engineers and architects. We are full licensed and full bonded. All work contracted is handled in-house which gives us complete control of work progress and quality at all times.

We handle all types of boilers and burners, both gas and oil and all aspects of piping such as steam, water, oil and gas, as well as welding on low pressure steam and hydronic systems.

Our quality service program results in fewer break-downs and downtime. Our staff of over twenty develops a maintenance program tailored to fit your equipment needs. If the need arises for equipment repair, it receives our top priority.

Long before it became fashionable, JNS was committed to high performance teamwork and total customer satisfaction. We think of ourselves as a proud family of dedicated professionals who tackle each and every job with the same devotion to quality and integrity.

Don't just take our word for it, we'll be happy to furnish you with a long list of references from clients who have turned to JNS HEATING for their needs and are unconditionally satisfied.

We hope that we can become part of your team!